Springing it into September: Flower Season in the Western Cape

Flower season in the Western Cape Philadelphia Canola Fields

Flower season, which usually starts at the beginning of August, has hit Cape Town and its surrounds in a dramatic way! These scenes of multi-coloured flowers appear all the way up and down the West Coast and are a highlight for locals and tourists alike.

Many colours can be seen splashing the surface of the ground like huge carpets. Colours of these wildflowers are a combination of orange, yellow, white and purple and as there has been good rainfall this year, you can expect to see them more than ever and they should last way beyond the end of September. 

So where do you go to see these flowers?

Sadly, a lot of the usual flower events and displays won’t be happening this year, however that does not mean you can’t take a drive up to these incredible spots to see the wildflowers.

  1. Philadelphia Canola Fields

Philadelphia is a small village just 33kms south-west of Malmesbury and has the most incredible Canola Fields. These blankets of yellow flowers are spectacular and can be seen for miles. This is a perfect Sunday drive trip – popping in and out of stores in the village and having picturesque views – what more could you want?

  1. Darling Wildflower Society

Darling is a small town in a farming area on the west coast region of the Western Cape, about 75 km from Cape Town. There will sadly be no Darling Wildflower Show this year, however they are offering guided wildflower walks and tours in Darling and surrounds during August and September 2021. 

Click on this link below to find out more about these guided tours:

Darling Wildflower Show – Darling Wildflower Society 

  1. West Coast National Park

If you are wanting to take a trip up the West Coast then the West Coast National Park is definitely a stop you need to make. This is one of the most popular destinations and you can see a whole landscape filled with indigenous wildflowers with patches of purple, white, orange and yellow. 

Please note: You need to get here early as there are always large queues by the entrance as they only allow a certain amount of people in at a time.

  1. West Coast Fossil Park 

The West Coast Fossil Park is also up the West Coast, near Langebaan. This site was a Phosphate mine in 1943, but between 1975 and 1976 they started to find fossils on the property. This area has about 300 different kinds of fossils, making it the richest fossil site of its age (5.2 million years old) worldwide. While there is still fossils lying underground to be discovered, you can see a whole range of wildflowers above ground in Spring.   

For only R30 you can go on the walking trails and for an extra R50 you can go into the museum and see some fossils. 

  1. Jan Marais Nature Reserve

In the heart of Stellenbosch, you will find a little hidden gem called Jan Marais Nature Reserve. This reserve comprises of our charismatic Fynbos such as Proteas and Ericas, while also having picnic spots to really enjoy the outdoors. Not only that, there is a splendour of colour during the springtime where one can travel on various walking trails all directed by informative signage. You can also be greeted by tortoises, bees and sunbirds.

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Photo credits to: Kel | Jo | Charlie (@betty_thegypseycaravan) • Instagram photos and videos

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